Share, Inspire, Grow




ZEROZONE is an enterprise base where like-minded tech startup founders gather and grow together. We believe our experiences can add up to something bigger and better. We offer business partnership matching, tech sharing, and every essential that help you step closer and closer to your dreams, from zero to one.

About Us

Hub of Tech Enthusiasts

Our zoners are expertise in various fields of tech, for example,
E-Commerce, Mobile App Development and Chatbot Development. We all have our own battles to fight, but we have the common goal – to fulfil our own destiny and let the world know our names.

Accumulate Talents
Our first rule to be committed to would be – to share selflessly. Once you stepped in, we are joint as one. We share our space, our knowledge and our aspirations to one another.
Expand Your Connection
With our events, from cocktail party to networking nights, you will meet your mentors, potential business partners, and anyone else who might inspire you.
Be Good to Yourself
As the most valuable assets, your team worths being treated nicely! Our interest classes include wine-tasting and yoga classes, which aim at helping you build your own team culture. While working hard together, why not spending a night or two every week to play hard together?

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