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ZEROZONE is a startup base where like-minded tech startup founders gather and grow together. We believe our experiences can add up to something bigger and better. We offer business partnership matching, tech sharing and every essentials that help you step closer and closer to your dreams, from zero to one.

Design for Deep Thinking

Beyond Four Walls

Space as an Experience

The nature of work is changing. Recruitment, retention, innovation, and productivity now require not just coffee, but also yoga, not just printers, but also art installations. WeWork offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to reimagine employees’ days through refreshing design, engaging community, and benefits for all.

Workspace Is Our Craft
Teams of artists, designers, and engineers custom build every space, prioritizing natural light, comfort, and inspiration.
Practice Makes Perfect
We’ve become experts in what you need to get work done happily—from brainstorming rooms to phone booths and terraces.
Let Us Handle That
You focus on your to-do’s, we take care of the rest. Enjoy included front-desk service, utilities, refreshments, and more.
The Global Network
With over 100,000 members, access networking, advice, and opportunities in your ‘hood or across the planet.
Weekly Events
From thought-leader panels to cheese tastings, our in-house events help you nurture a strong team culture.
Conference Rooms
For groups of two or 25, meeting spaces include A/V gear and delightful details like custom wallpaper and marble tables.